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Tagged by Damasath

1.You must post these rules
2.Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.Answer the 10 questions  asked to you and invent 10 questions to the people who you tag to answer
4.Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. NO!
5.Go to their homepage and inform that theyre tagged (Mentions, duh)
6.Not something like this "If your reading this, that means youre tagged..."
7.You have to legitimately tag 10 people. NO!
8.No tag-backs
9.You can't say that you don't do tags. Just watch me not do it anyways. xP

~~~~~10 Things About Me~~~~~
1. I do not like talking about myself and never did... which makes this really kind of weird...
2. It takes me forever to watch movies or listen to music everybody talks about. Just happens that way somehow.
3. I can get along with most people and get to do so quite fast, yet i do not actually like to get to know new people...
4. Let me here just edit Dama's thing about herself: I love to collect art books from videogames (collectors editions have em more and more often! yay! still a pretty small collection really).
5. I'm unmotivated to do anything like... 90% of the time. (Thus it took a week.. or more? to answer this.. sorry Dama <_<)
6. Again steal from Dama: I also love to collect dices. Even though i currently don't play any games to use em in... xD
7. I have sooo many Videogames, yet like to say i have nothing to play.
8. My fav colours are poisonous neon green and bright orange... as well as intense purple and midnight blue... all other neon colours are nice too...
9. I am very confused about myself and life.
10. I really need to find a new job, cause customer service eats souls!

~~~~~~~~ Damasath's Questions  ~~~~~~~~~

My questions:
1. Hard or soft music?
Hard like... 80+% of the time.
2. Milk chocolate or bitter chocolate?
Milk Chocolate.
3. Steampunk or fantasy?
Fantasy, though steampunk + fantasy is also quite cool.
4. You... Like me?
*pats head and fluffs hair* Yush! You adorable little thing! ^.^
5. I guess you like to draw. What do you draw the most?
Errr... hmm.. I like to draw? do I? Maybe kinda? Quite too lazy to actually draw tho' which leads to me not being very good and not getting better... xD I doodle little owls and cats on things tho'.
6. You sitting there and eating something. I come to you and begin to eat your food, too. How would you react?
Hahaha.. no idea? Just go ahead and try! xD
7. Singleplayer games or multilpayer games?
Singleplayer most of the time. I do like MMOs though. Been playing ESO the entire last week. <_<
8. Day or night?
Because the ni~ight! Beleongs to lovers!! Because the ni~ight, belongs to u~us!
... *cough* First song that springs to my mind when hearing the word night i guess... <_<

9. Combine four animals together. How would your mixed creature look like? Describe us.
Oh... WTF? Fox, Tiger, Bearded Vulture... and... Dragon? Yes, dragon! They so are ANIMALS! Hm... Fox kinda face with red scales around the eyes. Slit pupils and eyes like burning fire. Huge, black feathery fluff around the neck. Orange and white fur on the stomage and along the inner side of the legs. Scaly spine with little retractable spikes all along to the tail, tail is mostly scaly with little fur directly to side of the scaly spine and ends in fluffy red feathers. Paws are lizard/dragonlike with retratable claws and opposable thumb... scales are black there. Wings are upper half feathered and lower part scaly. Fur everywhere else is deep red with black stripes that have a feathery pattern.
Was that enough of a description? <.<'

Surprise hugs are good hugs! And since it's been a week... *surprise hugs back* xD


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Tobias K. Paulsen
skype: cassadar / therealsaibot (at)

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